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Summer - 2017
Vol. 17 No. 2

Last fall marked our 25th anniversary. That September we took our "maiden voyage" and went off to Rio de Janiero to participate in the first FIYTO conference. As we said in the not too distant past, "Time slips by very quickly", and even faster "when you're having fun!" The years in between have been filled with Adventure after Adventure. Keeping that in mind we'll do our best to bring you up to date on our activities and the exciting programs we hope to have available in the near future.

As we enter the summer those enrolled in "Conflicts, Cathedrals, and Camembert", our September voyage to Normandy, are anxiously awaiting their departure. From walking on those legendary disputed beaches, to Mont St. Michel, to an exciting hot-air balloon ride, it promises to be another true Adventure , not to mention the aroma of fresh Camembert or a sip of Calvados. There are still a few spots left so please contact us.

But the most exciting Adventure of all is coming in 2020. We are already in negotiations with Oberammergau for reservations for their Passionsspiele 2020, the traditional Passion Play produced every ten years by the villagers of the tiny Bavarian village nestled in the foothills of the Alps. Keep in touch and there will be more details in the summer.
Since the last newsletter the continued success of ALC's "personal planning" of Adventures for anyone who wishes to seek out new and interesting places has continued. Whether it was to England, France, Italy, or Spain, the following comments are always representative: ". . had a wonderful time", "loved the hotel", and "it was like having my personal valet along." While preparing such itineraries is a time consuming endeavor, we continue to be committed to this particular niche: providing a choice between busy guided tours with at least forty participants and "going it alone". Whether it's a wonderful villa in Ravello, Casa Donica, or a cozy apartment, Antica Filanda, nestled next to Lake Lugano in northern Italy, our list of places you'll want to return to keeps growing.

We are also continuing to focus on area schools, both public and private, making them aware of our presence as a resource in planning and executing their group vacation trips or individual language study abroad.

We do promise to keep you informed on a regular basis so check back with us as the seasons change. Our next issue will be out in September. Until then have a wonderful summer, Sommer, verano, estate, été . . wherever you are.

"We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?...Your playing small doesn't serve the world."

Marianne Williamson. A Return to Love:
Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles. Quoted by Nelson Mandela in his 1994 inauguration speech.

We hope we see you very soon!

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